Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things of a keeping house nature

I realized today while washing some of the dishes that I like doing only certain dishes and then the rest I get bored with and don't want to wash. I love washing plates and bowls. Not so much a fan of cups and mugs. Silverware I really could do without. Pots and Pans are ok, they are right below bowls.

When i wash dishes I have to sort everything pre-washing, so I have all plates together, all bowls together, and so forth... then I start doing them in groups, and of course always start with plates. Is that weird?

I also love sorting laundry out. I was thinking about Laundry while doing dishes and was thinking about how I wanted to sort things out. Most people sort by colors, sometimes I like to sort by type, shirts, pants, socks, unders... towels. :)

I wish we had a new vacuum so that i felt like doing it more often... we have one of those drag behind vacuums and I hate it. I want to take Paul shopping and buy one but we will see, today is kind of good for that... but we may not feel like doing that. Perhaps go to the mall and look at Sears... perhaps.

Bye everyone for now!

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