Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Two days later

Well now I am kind of feeling better. I say kind of because my ears are hurting and I still can't eat real meals, toast is about it with a lot of water. It isn't just my ears, it is my throat a little as well and not really both ears but mostly my right one.

It doesn't help sickness any when you lovely husband is gone in another state and you are sitting there only wishing to be next to him. I miss him. Moo.

I am going to bed soon I think, I came home early from work because I wasn't feeling too good. Got in at like 4:20ish... went to sleep, woke up at 6ish I think... did dishes, made some toast and am now eating that. Once this toast is done I am going to bed. I am tired of feeling sick and wish that my body would just get the hint and start acting normal again.

Ok got detoured, mom and dad called me. But anyways, toast is done and bed time has come.


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