Monday, July 14, 2008

Bug Bites!

I decided that since I have a pool in this apartment complex that I should use it, so I went for a swim. Unfortunately for me on my way back from the pool I got at least 2 bug bites, bloody bugs. LOL british for a moment.

Anyways, swimming felt good, I should do it more often, just like walking. Exercise is good and definitely beneficial.

The other thing is... I got free tickets to a sneak preview of the Dark Knight for Wednesday night, so Paul and I are going early and hopefully getting in. I will be sad if that doesn't work out. But we have "Front of the Line" passes that take us to the front when we get there. Somehow... it feels wrong, but in other ways it's kind of like... I have the pass so I should use it right?.. you know?

I am excited :)

In other news... um my nephew Donovan has long arms. Apparently they go past his bum when he is curled up in a ball with his arms stretched out along his side. Babies!

And that's all for now, still working on changing my thinking about food, and eating the right stuff. so... bye now.

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Rachel said...

Your pass says you can skip the line- so skip it! If people whine, that's their problem, not yours.

We're having an employee screening of Dark Knight on Thursday, followed by me and my friend Tark busting open Mamma Mia a day early because we want to see it (Tark's a manager, so he CAN! Yay!). It's going to be a great night.

Congrats on the fishing deal! Once I level my hunter up to 20, I'm going to work on leveling the characters on the other servers, so I should hopefully get a chance to play with you sometime later this week or next week!