Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stuff update..

So... I have done a few things in the last few days... one is made veggie pizza, baby style, cut it in small pieces and put a veggie piece on each little square, it was a hit.

And I have in the last few weeks bought some fabric quarters for Paul's Blue Quilt that he wants. :) I love the blues, they are so much fun to see together. I am going to use some of them in a project I am going to start tomorrow. So tonight I needed to get them all unwrapped and washed, and possibly ironed, I might wait to iron them tomorrow right before marking and cutting.

The cat even loved the fabrics, so I took some pics :)

He was sad when I took them all from him to the laundry downstairs.

The other thing having to do with Laundry, and Rachel will really understand this.... but someone had their things in the washer each time I went down there. Paul has been trying to tell me to move them to the top of the dryer and put my stuff in.... so tonight I did, it feels weird doing that, but there's only one washer and dryer per building for 8 apartments. *sigh* It makes me feel weird... like I shouldn't do it, but Paul assures me that this is perfectly normal behavior.

I am also changing my thinking on dieting, a lot of times I tend to think "I would like to diet, I tried it with weight watchers perhaps I could do it again." And I never do it again. Well this time I am committing myself to doing it. It's weird when for most of your life you think of yourself as being overweight... and don't really realize until later that what you thought was bad, wasn't really, not until now, and you know you have looked differently. It's really a weird thing, weight gain and weight loss, that is hard to do, well the loss part is hard, the gaining is easy. I could set my mind to gaining weight and do it and get an A+. It's the weight loss that is hard. So yeah, committed. :) I even wrote a note on my desk, just a little reminder that just says "committed", one word to remind me gently, no one else needs to know about it, just me... and you guys.

Push-up's! A new plan that Paul has started with both of us... it involves doing push-ups on a regular basis. Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday is where it works out for us.... so now Tuesday's and Thursday's have the word Torture in front of them. But like my weight loss, I have told Paul that I am committed to doing this with him. The difference between wanting to do it and doing it, is the commitment. It just needs to be done, what is said that you will do, you should do it, especially if it is important to you.

It is an exciting time for my sister and her husband and my nephew, they are working on moving. Since my sister got married, she has moved twice now, and this will be the third time. I am hoping it goes well and that they are happy wherever they are. It is hard to move so much, I know I hated moving the few times I have in the last few years, not that I don't like being in a new place, but I really just don't like the part after packing and before unpacking... loading and unloading... maybe next time we can hire someone to do it. But then I think... why would they want to do that? I guess they get paid to do it, it's a job. If people like me didn't want to hire them then they never would have anything to do or get paid.

Ok gotta go get my fabric in the dryer... or perhaps I might line dry them all... not sure. Talk to you later.


Susan said...

I don't want to rain on your parade, but you do know (don't you?) that DIETING isn't good for you, and it can actually make you gain weight. What actually works is changing your eating habits. That's a more intimidating concept, though. Basically, what you want to do is just drink more water, less pop (I don't know if you do that, but both diet and regular make you gain weight), more veggies, more whole grains, more fruit.

You know what I've found has decreased my appetite? (I know, I know. It's not like I need to lose weight. But nevertheless...) Increased nutrition gives your body what it craves. And then you don't feel compelled to eat as much. So a good whole-food vitamin or food supplement, and more nutrition from your food (such as using enzymes to digest the food better to get more nutrition out of what you eat), will mean your body is making use of a higher percentage of the nutrients going IN, and so you need to put less food in to achieve the same amount of nutrition. (Does that make sense to y'all, or have I synopsized it so much that it only makes sense to me??)

Cassie said...

Right... i should have clarified, the diet isn't so much of a diet like most people think of diets, but a change of thinking about food. Currently I eat way too many foods that are not nutritionally sound and need to change that. So I am working on changing my way of eating and doing what you said above. I just didn't say all the details. :) I don't generally take the vitamins because I a lot of the multi vitamins I have taken have made me sick and have a bad headache, so I take flintstone vitamins when I think of it. But yes what you were saying does make sense.

You know how sometimes you can get stuck in a habit, my habits with eating have become fast food, mac n cheese, pizza, and other yummy things that really aren't that great for you. But yeah... I need to break habits, for myself and Paul, otherwise our future children will grow up with the same habits and we can't do that to a kid.

Roxie said...

Look what I found!

Lukey's Mommy said...

Any woman in her 20s aka prime child bearing age- should be taking prenatals. That's it. Folic Acid vitamins wouldn't hurt either. I take those and then also Expecta Lipid.