Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cat furniture

So we are looking at getting some cat furniture for Foo. I am wondering if it's cheaper to buy something premade or to make something ourselves. I am looking at websites on how to build one, I think I could do it. I want something that is sturdy and won't make my cat feel like he is going to fall over. Right now he loves scratching on this big blue chair that we have (that I don't really like, but I really don't want to get new furniture until we know the cat won't destroy it, and until we get to a final resting place for our family.

Has anyone ever made one of these things?

So far I have found some good info on howtodothings.com, and this other random website.

We are working on getting back into the swing of things after going away. I have realized I am not very fond of my job, I like it ok, but would much rather be a house wife, and take care of the household responsibilities. I find it very overwhelming to both work and keep house, there are things that go undone because I just don't have the energy. Right now I have a "To Do List" that's like 30 items long, and if I think about them, I get very very anxious. Sometimes... I get frustrated, and just need to learn to not be so frustrated. Oh well, I will focus on a few things at a time and hope that the other things don't get to be too much.

Well that's about all, I am working on a cat post and stressing about other things. I am trying to think of some good baby gifts for a few of my friends who are having babies... might make something, or possibly buy something. We will see.

Later folks.

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Roxie said...

Juggling housework doesn't go away when you have kids. It often becomes more of a challenge. You wake up with energy, but quickly use that up in the morning. Then you can either sleep when they do or get a few chores done. Tough choice.
I struggle with cleaning too, but thankfully it's always there when I get back to it. Love you!