Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well... you might be wondering if I spent the morning organizing. I did! I kind of got a bunch done but also kind of didn't. I don't know if having a trash bag full of papers really counts as organizing. I threw away a bunch of old student aid papers and work related paystubs and other papers. I still have stuff on my desk. :( And a table with a bunch of stuff. OH well, maybe next time.

Tomorrow our friends baby gets baptized. Yay! I wish we could be there, oh well, one day we will meet their little one, I am hoping sometime in February.

Anyways, I am tired now, and it's only 6:40... ick.

We are working on changing our phone situation... so anyone that's been used to me with the same number for the last 8 years... times are changing. We are thinking of switching to a Skype phone line and purchasing two phones to go that have 1000 minutes on them for the year. It will be quite an adjustment for me considering I LOVE talking on the phone. But as I look back on these past few months it doesn't seem like I have been talking as much as usual. :( Oh well... I will have to let everyone know of our new numbers as soon as they change.


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Roxie said...

One that I was looking at gave you the option of keeping your number.
I did notice that you didn't call me last night. *sniffle