Thursday, February 5, 2009

Job! Bye bye!

I have given my two weeks notice... February 20th is my last day of working in Wisconsin.

It feels weird, but also kind of... great!

Paul and I were talking the other night about what day should be my last... and we finally decided that it wasn't very fair to my current employer for me to continue working after we found a place out in Washington. Mostly it was because once we find a place I will be soooo excited that I won't be able to concentrate and won't be able to even do my work. How is that good for them? This way, they get two more weeks of a "Good Working Cassie" and I get to just worry about packing when we get back from Washington.

I am excited, and just keep getting more excited.

Oh and I talked to the Pastor last night for the church we want to go to... I don't know why, but when I get nervous I tend to talk and vomit out words. It is not a good thing, it ends up with me telling a Pastor all how Paul and I met online, and moved to Wisconsin, got married 6 months later, have been married for 4 years, he was a witness prior to being a Lutheran, I was an Assembly of God person, my husband is shy and makes me call and ask the questions, I tend to get verbiage incorrect when speaking theology, it's all very new to me and I tend to use some very pentecostal verbiage... and that most of my inlaws are witnesses... and how lucky we are to be going to a great church (Paul later was like... why did you say Lucky when you should expect to be getting a good church preaching Christ crucified and to received communion every week... so yeah...)... and a whole lot more was said to the pastor.

Anyways, he knows us pretty well now, and knows that I tend to ramble a lot when talking to someone new. I am excited though, our first service down there will be on 2/22 and then the following week on 3/1 we will go again as long as the first service is ok. He seemed to be under the impression that we would have to travel at least an hour and a half to get to another "good" church, even though there are other ones nearby, but these are the "pentecostal wanna be" churches. Which we want to try to avoid if we can.

Ok so enough of my rambling... I am excited and am looking forward to the move... I will stop there and let you get on with your evening/day. :) Talk to everyone later, will keep you updated.


Susan said...

Oh my goodness. This is all coming up so fast... I'm glad you're excited and revved up for it -- hooray! (And I betcha Pastor didn't mind in the slightest that you told him all those things!)

Cassie said...

Yeah it is all coming so fast... it's exciting, I feel like I am going to forget something.

But yeah he didn't seem to mind, he even asked some questions on his own accord, the things I didn't tell him in the first 10 minutes of the conversation.

He does seem to be a good pastor, and I am hoping the church is as well. I was hoping to look at your husband's website but it appears to be down. Once it's back up and we confirm it's a good one, we can let you guys know so you can add it to your list. Just in case anymore people are looking to move out to the north west coast.

Lukey's Mommy said...

Well you might have suspected that this would annoy me LOL. I think you don't really know how good or poor the church or pastor is until you see in person. We have moved a couple of times, too, and know how that works. I will pray that this indeed is your new church home so you don't have any of that to search for when you get to WA. I just feel like you don't really know until you get there and practice discernment when he preaches. Love you! I'm excited for your move. Not that you'll be going farther away, but because I know it's a fun fun thing to do!!!