Friday, May 22, 2009

Anniversary :)

Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary... what to do what to do.

I think we will just hang out, go out to dinner probably, maybe a movie or something... if it's nice maybe we can do some mini golfing or something.

I should look and see what the traditional 4 year gift is... Oh wait I think a person at work said it was some kind of small kitchen appliance thing, like a George Foreman Grill or something. Hmm maybe we can get one of those.

Or bikes! We want bikes but have yet to buy any. I guess we just don't feel the need to bike just yet.

Anyways, went to a couple thrift stores today and bought 4 pairs of pants, two sweats for paul, one jean for me and a black cord for me. I love them!

I think I need to lay down, my back is being weird. Might lay down and work on my quilt that I am doing for my sister (well it's for my nephew but it counts as for her since he is from her!).


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