Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Internet findings

Today it seems I am reading blogs...

This person has gotten to her 300th post and is going to give away fabric and buttons. :) That's cool.

The blogging community with quilting is huge, everywhere I turn I find another quilting blogger. And I like all the people that are blogging too!

I have tooooo many books from the library right now, I am looking at them and I think it's about 15 or so... how am I going to read those!?! I also borrowed a book from a friend so I should read that too. Eh... oh well. My to be read pile is getting bigger and bigger.


Joy @ Five J's said...

Just 15 books? I remember having 138 books out from the library at one time. Of course, they weren't all novels; most were nonfiction reference-type books and children's non-fiction.

The worst part about it isn't finding the time to read them all though. It's NOT returning the books on time. Fines can really add up in a hurry! :)

Cassie said...

Oh yes, the fines. I just have to remember to renew them.

Another problem is that some of these books are filled with so much information... quilting and cookbooks. :( I will have to make sure I copy the things I want to try out, otherwise I will never remember to go back to them.