Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday = ... not sure

Well anyways... had my interview today. I think it went well, not sure. Some questions during interviews are hard. The ones that I struggled the most with were...

  • Which is the best parenting style? Authoritarian(rules and consequences), Diplomatic(kids make their own choices) and Permissive(just show them love love, love is all you need!). Well I guess my answer was a bit confusing on this... I couldn't pick just one. I think that out of love you give your kids rules, and that out of love you also teach them how to make their own choices (they aren't always going to be living at home... I hope anyways) and you should always show them love, it isn't the only answer but it shouldn't be ignored. Now to be put in an interview and to be asked this question... well what do you say? So I said what I said above, I think they are all important and that you can't just use one of these. I wonder what my parent friends think of this... am I wrong? I know it's hard to be in just one of these parenting styles... I can't imagine just being Authoritative all the time.
  • Which is the most important thing we teach the children in preparation for Kindergarten, Social Skills, Language skills, physical skills or cognitive and thinking skills? Um this one stumped me for a few minutes. I eventually chose cognitive and thinking skills. Mostly my reasoning was because they will be in an environment with people of different beliefs when they start going to public school. It would be good for them to be able to think about and understand things, to know when to talk to their parents or someone else about kids with differing beliefs. It would be easy in a Christian preschool to not think about other people having other beliefs. I wonder if that makes sense... I don't know if I explained that properly, but hopefully you can understand what I mean.
Anyways, those two questions were the hardest... the rest were general, why do you think you would be good in this job, what are your weakness's, what are your strengths. Oh they did ask what would you do in certain situations... apparently I am a big supporter of talking things through. :)

That's about it for now... gonna watch House with Paul.


Katsuke said...

The style I seem to like best is Authoritative (different from Authoritarian), but that's probably because that's how I was raised and it seemed to have worked :-P

Cassie said...

Yeah I really don't know how I will end up being as a parent. I believe Paul has a more Authoritative method of parenting. So maybe I will be a nice combination of methods... We will see I guess. :)