Monday, June 22, 2009

First quilt is pieced...

06.21 005, originally uploaded by msrandomduck.

Soon to have batting and backing put on it, and pinned and then quilted and binding added. :)

There's something rewarding about making your things this way, I am very proud of it. :)

So now I am thinking of also widening it by possibly making more strips and more blocks... although that might be a lot more work than I really want to do at the moment. Need to talk to mom I think... I actually think she would be fine with it staying right here, so I think I won't do anymore but work on getting this finished. :) It will be nice to have it complete. I am very happy with how it turned out.

My cousin's wife has already asked me if I can make her a quilt using my cousin's army fatigues. So we will see. He is now done in the army :) Good news all around!

I was going to add other news, but really this is all I can write about... lol. Oh, one thing that is in this quilt... that might make it unique is that during most of the time I was working on this I was watching Star Trek Season 1. So I think of that when I look at this quilt... how crazy is that. Although during my first bit of sewing I was actually listening to Disney songs because my mom loves Disney... so it has some of that in it too. hehe.

Oh one other thing. I leave tomorrow morning to go to VA to see my family. I am very excited! :) I just hope I don't get bored during the flight. 4 hour and 45 minutes to Georgia and then some kind of layover and then another hour and a half of flying. ick. :) I actually love to travel, and by plane is wonderful!


Momma B said...

This is FABulous! I appreciate all of the time this must have taken! I, too, make quilts, but I must admit that I usually opt for simple squares, because it goes so much faster. The detail in these squares is very nice!

Cassie said...

It wasn't too bad, mostly sewing strips together and then cutting them. :) I did it with a quilt along and it was pretty easy in that someone was telling me directions step by step. :)

Allison said...

Are you going to quilt this yourself? Its really beautiful and turned out great! You should be very very proud! Thanks for stopping by and linking, -Allison

Cassie said...

hi Allison, Yes I plan on quilting this myself. I hope it works out well. I plan on doing a lot more quilts in the next few months. I am excited about my new crafting/quilting adventure. :)