Thursday, June 4, 2009

For now they are over...

The giveaways that is. :)

I did actually win a few... let me see if I can show you real quick what they were.

Green Bag Lady - Here's a video of her with some of the bags (I will be getting a bag!)

My Girl Blog - I will be receiving the I Heart Holly singlet :), it's the second item listed in the giveaway

Pink Petunias - I will be receiving some fabric in a bundle! I love fabric! This was for guessing the right amount of buttons. I collect lots of buttons and am absolutely in love with them, so this was a fun giveaway. Might have to do my own giveaway with a similar quest for people.

Weiner Dog Tricks - I will be receiving a polyester tote! It's very nice. I plan on putting my quilting projects in there.

What Katy Did Design - I will be receiving a wall decal of wrens on a branch. I am excited about this, I don't really know where it will go or even if it will go in my apartment or not. Depends on what it's like in person. I have friends with babies that might enjoy having something nice on the wall for their baby. We will see.

So yeah... I guess I did pretty good for spending nearly 3 days looking at blogs and entering them and answering all the peoples questions (there were a lot of them!) There's another giveaway thing happening over at Sewn. It's a new website based out of Australia with people who sew and quilt and stuff. It looks pretty neat. They have over 100 blogs entered in the giveaways, so something fun for people to do. :) If you were bored that is. Not sure if anyone can claim boredom really.

In other news I am still doing the Quilt Along over at Old Red Barn Co. I picked out my fabrics, washed my fabrics, ironed my fabrics, cut my fabrics, and have now grouped them up in groups of six, I have a total of like 15 groups of 6 strips. They should make about 2.5 to 3 blocks per. So hopefully I will end up with about 40ish blocks to make a quilt from. Then I will have to find batting and do something with a backing of some sorts and then quilt it and then bind it! :) The joy of quilting, so many steps. The outcome is pretty though. I will be posting pictures on my Flickr photostream of my progress(you will also see cat pictures and people pictures there too), you can also see other people's fabrics and their progress by going to the Flickr group (you don't have to join it in order to look). I should go get my camera and take pictures as I go... this way I can remember the joys of each step.

Oh, yeah. The guy that I had talked about in previous posts, the friend from Oregon, who had a bad life situation... well he has moved in, as of last week. So this week I am trying to help him find a job and everything. It's hard cause he gets defensive when I try to tell him to put on a different outfit because no one's going to hire him in a t-shirt! Or when I try to tell him that right now he needs to apply everywhere because you just never know what kind of job there might be out there, and he NEEDS a job, so he can't be picky. Especially can't be picky if you don't have a high school diploma yet. You need to get something to get you to the next step. So anyways, Paul and I have tried very hard to be supportive. I have found that leaving the house helps me not be so cranky with the whole situation. So I have gone to quilting group at church on Monday, went to bible study on Wednesday, then Wednesday afternoon tried to go see my sister in law, but she wasn't there, so went to the thrift store and quilting store in stead for some shopping therapy. They helped. Then by evening I was just so over it all that I decided to go to bed at 8 instead of being annoyed and cranky for 2 more hours. I am also being overly cranky because of woman stuff, so that doesn't help anything!

Things to do today...
Load of Laundry
piecing of the quilt along quilt
and try to ignore blogs and giveaways for at least one day!

So have a great day everyone! I will be back tomorrow probably. The giveaway thing last week definitely distracted me from updating my blog in a normal "here's my life" fashion.



Rebecca said...

Wow! You won a lot of giveaways! I won only 1, but I am pretty excited about it!

Cassie said...

Yeah I was pretty impressed by how many I won. I was excited when I won one, and then all of a sudden it became two, then three, then four, and then a day or two later five. Crazy stuff. :)