Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mail, chores, annoyances... :)

I have received most of my giveaway winnings... have my polyester bag, which is blue and green and I love it! Have already used it once on a little weekend trip to the beach. Got the pillow with elephants on it, and I love it... I love it so much that I am taking it from room to room. I think it's final home will be on the couch, it looks nice there. I also got my other bag from the green bag lady... need to take a picture of me using it and send it to her. I also got the fairy wren wall decal the other day from australia! Haven't decided where it will go yet but I love that as well... almost so much that I am afraid to use it and possibly mess it up. We will see though. Only one more thing left and that's a shirt that's supposed to come from Australia... crazy stuff.

Oh and this week I won an apron too. So fun stuff. I am not sure which one i get there were three to choose from... I hope I get my first choice, I really like it a lot.

Lots to do today... dishes, laundry, general cleaning around the apartment, gotta teach Aaron (our roommate for a time) how to clean his bathroom... I don't think I really want to do that, it's one thing to clean my own bathroom, but one that I don't use... yeah I don't think so. So he will be getting a spray bottle and some paper towels. Eventually probably next week he will need to get in the habit of doing his dishes. He was able to get some assistance from the government, food assistance. So he is buying his own food and making his own food. This is good. Sometimes he really gets on my nerves... and sometimes he's ok and enjoyable to be around. Paul says this is because he's a 19 year old male. Perhaps it is, but sometimes he is rude and he says things without thinking and that just drives me up the wall. He also drinks wayyyy too much juice, thank goodness he gets to buy his own food now. We have all stopped drinking soda mostly. Sometimes Paul and I get one while we are out, but we try to not do that too much.

For now that's all, been enjoying using the sewing machine, it's nice. :)

Sorry, no pictures or anything today... I don't really like uploading them from my camera to my computer and then to my blog or somewhere else... :) later!

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