Sunday, June 14, 2009

Small update:

Paul, my husband, turned 25 Friday, my baby is growing up! :) I remember 25, and how I felt older (two years later I still feel like I am getting old... I know I know, 27 is young, but when you are here at this age you feel like you are ancient!) I made a rhubarb pie Friday morning for him. Then we went to see Star Trek. What a great movie. I think I might slowly be converted to a Treky. *sigh* I now want to watch Season 1 on netflix watch it now... *sigh* Oh well.

Our friend is with us and it is going well I suppose. It is taking time to apply to stores and things. I am hoping in a few months he has a job and is able to move out, but we will see. For now I am trying to adjust. I grew up with girls, and now I have a 19 year old boy in my house... I wonder when I have kids if I will be praying for girls the whole time. We will see. I know it will be different when it's my little boy, but yeah whatever. We did find a place that offers GED classes for free, so that is nice. This week we will be going to those.

Yesterday Paul and I went to his grandparents out at the beach. Had a nice dinner and then went back to their place and chatted away the evening. We woke up with intentions of leaving in time to get to church but ended up spending more time chatting away the morning. They had to go to work at 10:30 so we left them then. Went to the beach for a nice cloudy walk. Washington state is so cool sometimes... lol literally. The drive home went well, Paul sang songs from musicals to me... so we had some fun with that. He amazes me with his ability to remember songs.

OH one other thing, is before we left Paul's grandmother asked me if I wanted to borrow her sewing machine.... and of course I did! So now I have something to sew with and hopefully complete some quilts with! :) We will see how well that goes. :)

I think that's it... I am trying to get manual like things for the machine, a Kenmore Ultra-Stitch 8 Model 158.1345381. :) Once I do some things I will let you see it. :)


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