Thursday, August 27, 2009


I never knew I could say so much... oh wait I did know it, just never thought I actually would put the words onto a blog.

Paul made a suggestion today for me for housework... because I have been getting distracted during the day with Facebook and other internet things, like blogs or emailing or pictures or something. Oh right, the suggestion he made is this... put a time limit on how long I will spend cleaning something, so if I think Dishes should take half an hour, then I will set the timer. If I don't get them done in that time then I can either continue to do them for another allotted time or move on to another chore. If I get something done earlier than the allotted time then I get the rest of that time as a break! Of course this doesn't mean that I don't get to take breads during the day anyways. But he thinks this will help me not be so focused on the "do it till it's done" thing, and just more on doing it. A lot of times rooms don't get touched because the task is so huge, like our bedroom has been the drop place for lots of things, and really is like a week long project for me. So doing an hour in there today was perfect. I cleaned up some of the room and have cleaned out some corners, which has been annoying for both Paul and myself. I will keep doing it this way and hopefully it will help me just have certain things cleaned all the time. I want to try to set a time frame for each room of the apartment for each day so that I am in a continually clean place. Will that happen? I doubt it! LOL

In other news... I finally met Paul's cousin baby, the one I will be watching come beginning of October. She is kind of spoiled if a 3 month old can be spoiled. Everyone knows that babies cry... right? I mean, to live your whole life not crying and constantly getting everything you want can't be good for you... can it? Her mom had dropped her off with my other in law and her husband and the two little boys. This little girl has not really been out much or in very many environments nor with very many people around so for her to all of a sudden be surrounded by 8 adults... well it was a bit overwhelming for her. She started crying and crying and crying. Everyone panicked (well some people did, the more vocal of the people). I don't know what it is but babies crying don't generally panick me, I feel bad for them and want to do whatever I can to make them happy, but I don't get overly stressed out about it. I just figure if one thing isn't working then perhaps something else will work and I just keep going through the list of options. Eventually she will choose one of them. Well during the time I was holding her, it was a little bit hard to go through the different options with others hovering and asking all the time if I was ok with her. Um yes I am ok with a baby, even if it's a crying baby who won't stop crying no matter what we offer her. Anyways, eventually she did calm down. Her mama came back and everything was great after that. Paul's grandma believes she won't find comfort in anyone but her China grandparents (who have taken care of her for the first 3 months of her life). I do think they may have spoiled her some, but they have loved on her and been great. That reminds me, they left yesterday... I wonder how things are going this week. I will be going out there next week sometime to spend a day or two with mama and to get an idea of the schedule they follow.

OH the good thing about meeting little girl, is that she is the cutest little thing. She has these little chubby cheeks and she is huge for 3 months old. I was surprised at how big she was, she looks like she's 5 or 6 months. The next few weeks will be interesting. Hopefully everything goes well when I start taking care of little girl on her own.

This past weekend was also good because Paul got to hang out with his sister and brother in law some. Since the whole family was over at their house it was ok for us to be there. It made me happy for them to be able to spend that little bit of time together.

In a couple weeks we will be house sitting for my sister in law's in-law's, if that makes any sense... They will be going to watch some plays down in Oregon I think, and have asked us to stay at their place and take care of their chickens. I have to admit that I am a bit nervous about chicken watching... mostly because I have a stupid fear of chickens, which is slowly starting to get better the more I am near their chickens... but it's still there sometimes. The week will be a test of how well I do under these conditions. Luckily it's only 4 chickens and not like 20 or something crazy. I don't know how this will work... but hopefully I get lots of lessons before they leave... \-/

My cousin and his wife had their little girl last night. I had won a little girl's dress in a giveaway about a month ago, so I sent it their way and she loves it. Not sure when I will see a picture of their little girl in it, but I am hoping soon. :) It was such a cute little blue dress... I will post the picture of the dress later once I find it again.

The only other thing, was that today was supposed to be a bread baking day, but Paul kind of distracted me with cleaning stuff. so tomorrow I think. Does anyone know if there's such a thing as like Dill Bread? I am thinking I can just kind of put the dill in there at some point and it will work well... but I am hesitant. We have so much Dill from the CSA box that I really need to do something with it... and I am not a dressing person really. I guess I could just put it in salad by itself, but not sure... still contemplating it.

Ok now I think I am going to feed my addiction of facebook and farmville and then go make dinner.


Lauranie said...

What a smart husband you have!!!! I NEED to try the timer thing!! I mean, seriously, I too get OVERWHELMED by the cluttered mess that is my house! And I get so frustrated when I spend hours cleaning ONE room, only to have 1 of 3 children go behind me and COMPLETELY destroy it!!

Dill....? I had a store-bought Potato Salad the other day, which I usually do not like, but it had a dill dressing of some sort on it...very YUMMY! I also have a recipe book for bread in a Breadmaker, because I am lazy like is called Cottage Dill, and has Cottage cheese, dill seed, dill weed, and dry onion...sounds good! The ratio for my bread machine is 4 cups flour to 1/2 c cottage cheese, 1 Tbsp dry oninon and dill seed, 2 tsp dill weed....of course, it has all of the other bread ingredients in there too! Hope this helps some and not too confusing!! Oh, it is also in a Greek Isle bread recipe with black olives, feta cheese, cucumber and basil....I HAVE GOT to start using my bread machine more!!! :)

WhiteStone said...

The time-limit work thing works well for me, too.
As for the baby cousin missing her mom? When my grandson was an infant and we were to have him overnight, I had my daughter give me a t-shirt that she had worn to bed the night before. It is my opinion (for what that's worth) that babies have a keen sense of smell in regards to their mother. I tossed that t-shirt over my shoulder and snuggled him there. He was good as gold.

Anonymous said...

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