Monday, September 14, 2009

Marked them all READ!

Wow sometimes I don't look at my google reader and then I get very behind in reading and then further behind than I was a week ago... ack it just keeps piling up.

Today I marked them all read and will start again. I hope I didn't miss anything important and fun.

I probably did.

The apartment manager is cleaning out the apartment across the way from us... like in the building over, so when I look out my bedroom window I can see people working in the apartment... cleaning carpets and painting walls. I wonder how much they can see into my apartment...

So I know I have mentioned on here how I was going to babysit come beginning of October... well I'm not anymore. It was stressing me out just thinking about it. I would have been watching the little bird girl from 7am-7pm Monday through Thursday. Anyways decided I won't have time to do anything around house and for Paul and my healthy eating... ack it was stressing me out. So I am doing it no more. I feel relieved.

I am feeling close to finishing a quilt... which would be awesome, it's a baby quilt for my cousin's baby who was born a few weeks ago. I hope to finish it this week and show people... but I have been saying that for a few weeks now. LOL

Next is a baby boy quilt for my other cousin's baby... then... well I don't know what then. Maybe another baby quilt, or maybe finish something I am making for Mom... or maybe start on my thing for my sister. Which actually I really do want to try to do because it will be interesting to see how that works out... Hmm things to do all the time... this is why I can't work or babysit right now! :)

Mmm I think Paul and I will be watching the rest of Season 5 of House tonight... :) Whee! Can't wait for Season 6 to start next Monday. *dance* Really need to figure out when The Office starts... I am in the middle of trying to watch Star Trek too lately. So much to do so little time...

Farmville on Facebook is another one of my time occupiers. :)

Did I tell you that I bought my tickets to go to VA in November? November 22 through December 2nd or 3rd. :) I can't wait! I plan on having a lot of my projects done by that trip, so I can take them with me as gifts for people. hehe.

K, well bye then, for right now, can't remember what I would want to say... or what I do want to say. Hmmm. :)


Sara said...


We are thinking alike here! I just deleted a bunch of e-mails - and am starting over...

I hope to build on the friendships I have from my blog friends - and answer things the same day!!!

Cassie said...

Yes! That is what I want too. :)