Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby is 12 Weeks today

Well we made it to 12 weeks. This week we have a doctor's appointment on thursday where I hope we will be able to hear the heartbeat... we should be able to if everything is going as it should.

This week my pants have started feeling tighter. I have to unbutton them when I sit otherwise it is extremely uncomfortable.

We have less than 2 weeks before we move... actually 2 weeks from now we will be in Wisconsin beginning our second trimester. That's exciting!

I am trying to decide about an OB/GYN versus a Midwife. I am going to call the insurance company and maybe talk to them about cost of each versus the other. I would like to do things the least expensive way, while also remaining safe. It seems to me that a hospital birth would be more expensive than a home birth or a birthing center. But we will see. I don't know what Wisconsin will be like with either one of them. I feel like if we do have a home birth that I will be wanting to cover the room in plastic... lol or at least the bed or something. Who knows, maybe we can do a home waterbirth... OH my mother in law has a nice tub in her bathroom... I wonder if that would be too weird. To give birth in my mother in law's house. Perhaps I can talk to her about it. haha. :)

Anyways that's about it right now, just packing and trying to eat and not be tired. :) I am excited for us to finally be able to have a little one, and I think Paul is equally as excited.

OH We have decided on names... Emily Rose or Christopher Lewis... We will be happy with either one, although I think this is going to be a girl... perhaps that's just me hoping. Who knows.

Later everyone!

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