Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dinner time!

So today I have been lazing around pretty much. Last night I slept in the living room with Paul, he slept on the couch and I put a pile of blankets on the floor. This may seem like an odd sleeping arrangement, you might be saying "Cassie... why didn't you sleep in bed together? Like normal couples?" Well cause we just don't. I have this problem of snoring, and keeping Paul up all night, so it works best if we sleep in separate rooms. Although last night I wanted to sleep in the same room, and he wanted to watch a show to go to sleep to, so we both slept in the living room. Strange I know... but it works for us. Who knows, one day we might be sleeping in twin beds... won't that be fun! LOL


Today I received books from Hollyhock Quilts I won her giveaway a week ago, and got the books today. I got Quiltmaker's Guide: Basics and Beyond by Carol Doak, Rotary Roundup by Judy Hopkins and Nancy J. Martin, Tessellations by Jackie Robinson, and Weaver Fever by Jackie Robinson. She also included her Fun with Feedsacks "Oh My Stars!" pattern. :) So much fun! Nothing like getting a package in the mail with fun new things in it. :)


I also won a giveaway over at Ask Anna, which I should be getting in the mail in the next week or so. I sent her my address today. I am excited! I am glad to have won two of the many giveaways I enter all the time... lol, this has been really fun and exciting.


Now if only people would start entering in the giveaway over at VinTin Welding and Fabricating. It is such an awesome thing to win the giveaways and it really doesn't take any effort hardly to enter them. In the case with my brother in law's blog, you get to see the artistic designs of a welder/blacksmith! My sister keeps his blog up with pictures of his latest projects and designs. I have been helping her by posting the giveaway post and will do the whole drawing part for the winner or helping her do it. One thing is that I was sure that people would be excited about it. I just don't know how to get people to actually enter the giveaway.

Any suggestions from people who have done giveaways?

Right now we want people to follow the blog, visit the etsy site, and like us on facebook, because the more people you have visiting the potential for more customers. I'm not saying that -you- have to buy something from him, but just that if you are telling your friends and they tell their friends then eventually someone would want to purchase something... right? I think it makes sense. We'll see. :) We still have a week to go on the giveaway, so I am hoping it goes well.


Now off to make dinner... Chicken pot pie for dinner tonight. Mmm something we love!

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