Thursday, March 10, 2011

Etsy places...

My favorite etsy shop is my brother in laws... He's a welder and loves making artsy iron work. Pretty much anything you want, he can make it. Lately though lots of people want the hooks he's been making, so he keeps making different types. :) Which are pretty cool, got one myself, but nothing to hook.

My sister also has a shop She takes photographs and puts a verse from the Bible on them, usually a verse that she has found helpful in the past. She started doing KloeJakeInspirations after she had a miscarriage 2 years ago. She found it helpful to take pictures of this wonderful world we live in and different photos sparked verses in her mind, or vice versa the Bible verses sparked an image and she usually had the perfect one to go along with it.

So I was entering a giveaway where the person asked what your favorite shop was... and I started to have an idea... I want to help my sister and her husband in whatever way I can. So I am thinking I might (if she agrees) start an etsy blog for them. Where they can list different giveaways or things. Hoping to spark some customers. I also think it would add a bit of personality to their shops. I can link them back and forth. And they can do combined giveaways, 4 hooks and a photo of your choice in a certain size. Depending on interest, maybe have a blog entry asking, "What would you like to see given away in the near future?"

I just see so many giveaways lately, that there has to be some kind of benefit to doing them, otherwise these shops wouldn't give things away. I bet it sparks interest and sales. So we will see what happens. But keep your eyes open. I will be posting about it soon if it becomes something we do. :)

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