Thursday, March 31, 2011

How about a non-giveaway update... are you ready?!

First things first... my goddaughter Zoe Anastasia was born yesterday evening, she is beautiful! I truly can't wait to get to know her, to see what little person she grows into. Her sister is quite the little girl, and I am sure will teach Zoe many many lessons over the next few years. I am also excited to see how my future children work into this mix of Zoe and Alia, as well as the future brothers and sisters of these two. It's exciting times when your friends start having kids, especially when you are hoping to have one soonish to join in all the fun. :)


Second while we are talking about kids... figure I should update folks on what's happening with us... well last you guys knew, we were waiting for insurance stuff to settle down. Well I am proud to announce that we recieved a notice from the insurance not too long ago that they are paying for the hospital stay. We have a few more bills that we are waiting to hear back from but that is great great great news!!!! If they are willing to pay off that $5,000 bill then the other $3,275 shouldn't be a problem.. right? Thankfully we had already hit our deductible so now it's just... waiting times. So once all that is done then we will be ready to try officially to have our own little child again. :)

Well it's bed time so for now that's all you get! :) Nighty night!

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