Monday, March 14, 2011

Just some thoughts...

One thing I found amusing was today when I went to change some AA batteries... I had some batteries with a March 2008 expiration date waiting to be used... something even more amusing once I started looking at the dates... I had two in there with March 2005 expiration dates. When did I buy those batteries? Every battery I have seen recently has at least 5 years before they expire, these are the new ones in the stores... so the March 2005 batteries were from... 2000? Which means they are 11 years old ... crazy!


Well I made an appointment with a foot and ankle person for March 28th. Because my toe is starting to hurt. :( A few years back I had an ingrown toenail, it got really bad, had to have part of the nail removed. Then they didn't get it all so I had to have it done again. Well they still didn't get it all... it started growing this little sliver, but thankfully it wasn't hurting so I ignored it. I mean really how many times do I want to subject my toe to being poked and prodded? Not a lot, and it seemed like I was sooo close to hitting that point. Well now it has started hurting again... mostly when I push on it, and I know that once it starts to hurt then that's never a good sign. Working at a foot and ankle place really helped me with that one. So now I go in, but I am nervous cause I don't know the doctor and am going to her with blind faith... blind! *crosses fingers*


We also just watched this movie called Primer tonight... weird movie, very different. I would recommend it to people, but I would also say that it may help to read about it first, but then it also might give away the whole movie... and what fun is that?


And I wish I was playing a little bit of Catan... isn't this board beautiful.

Ahh it stirs up a longing in my heart. I love playing board games... and this one just is pretty. Today I found a hexagon box for a dollar, and I plan on making myself a quilted version of this game board. I am very excited about the idea. I think I can do it! So therefore I will! :) I am going to start planning it, and I know it might take awhile to do, but I will do it.


Mmm I think that was about it. I did finish this book the other day though that I really enjoyed. It's the second book in a series... the book is called Linger, the first one is called Shiver and they are by Maggie Stiefvater. A different take on werewolves, and I like it.

And how do they say it... good night farewell. :)


The Vegetarian Hunter said...

How do you play that boardgame? It is absolutely lovely and you could definitely make it. That is so awesome that you found a hexi box for just a dollar! If you make the board, you should take ton of pics along the way and do a tutorial on your blog! I know I would like to see how its make =)

Katsuke said...

A Settlers quilt?
Wow, that would be so cool.

Hope everything goes well with your toe, and that the doctor is nice and knowledgeable.

Cassie said...

Thanks Katie. And yeah I think a Settlers quilt would be fun. I would even try to make the pieces moveable like the real version. :) And I was thinking I would do the knights version, and perhaps some of the other expansions. We'll see. It will definitely be an experience. :)