Friday, March 18, 2011

One Flower and no more snow!

This is the bag that holds all my flower making stuff in it. It folds open and keeps everything stored nicely. I purchased it at a yard sale in WA, apparently it belonged to this ladies grandmother... and she was selling it? for $3.00, good deal for me, hope she doesn't miss it later!

I worked on my flowers some this week, I finished one, almost finished another and have one more planned.

Here's my planned one. I think that whoever had initially cut these red pieces that they had intended to make another large flower... but I really do like the smaller ones better. So I made three small flowers rather than one large red one. :)

Here are all the flowers together... still need to do something with those blue ones but... with time. :) I am pretty sure that I will be removing parts and making smaller flowers out of those pieces and making some of the blue flowers the middles of other flowers. :)

Maybe once I am done with these and have extra hexagons I can make a scrappy charm like quilt out of hexies. :) That would be fun. I am sure I have enough scraps.

And it's been so warm here the last few days that the only snow left is where the plow truck had piled up huge piles... so yay! :) I am excited.


Karen said...

I like your new bag, that should hold many a flower and the red flowers are beautiful!

Birdie said...

The bag was a nice find, I can't wait for garage sales to start. Your red flowers are pretty.