Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Giveaways!

So I have a few from Vintage Sheet Blog that I've run into... And I am sure I will find others and will post them on here if I find them tonight! :)

The first one from Vintage Sheet Blog ends tonight! 12am PST ... so it's now 7:30 PST so you have 4.5 hours to enter! So go over and hopefully you can win some vintage sheet fat quarters!

And next from Vintage Sheet Blog this one ends tomorrow night, she is giving away a cute vintage sheet and doily made by Vintage Chenille, you should go over there and check out what she is selling in her shop also... such cute little things. :)

Then through the 31st of March you can enter into a giveaway over at Vintage Sheet Blog for 5 fat quarters of vintage sheets and some vintage lace. :)

Through April 1st Vintage Sheet Blog is giving away a vintage sheet quilt that has been made by Katie Jean (links to her shop and blog are on vintage sheet's blog post). Go check it out, it's a cute quilt and would be a nice thing to win.

A vintage pillow cover is being given away over at Vintage Sheet Blog. Pretty, I like the other handmade things that Liz Taylor makes. Go check them out! pretty!

Through April 4th Vintage Sheet Blog is giving away some vintage sheet fat quarters. I have a few fat quarters myself of vintage sheets, so looking forward to potentially increasing my supply!

3 Scrap Packs are being given away through April 5th over at Vintage Sheet Blog. Go check it out!

Girl Boy Girl Inspired is having a giveaway, she is giving away a cute little lady bug necklace and a SURPRISE! so go on over there and see what's up!

Over at Insanity Rules, Emily is giving away some cute burping rags. She doesn't have a huge following so go over and give her some love! :) It's always nice to show support to people making handmade things!

An awesome giveaway over at Sew Happy Geek, she is giving away fat quarters, thread and an apron! And such pretty fabrics. Go check her out, follow her blog!

Over at The Plaid Scottie she is having her 4th Blogiversary Giveaway... a FQ Bundle and a cute rainbow like doll quilt!

Cat patches is having a Fun Fact Friday Freebie day! A Free book, pattern and fat quarter could be yours for visiting and commenting! :)

Pink Please is giving away a jelly roll to go along with a new project she made, in later posts she talks about the nifty play mat and changing pad mat she made with the jelly roll. :)


Emily said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway!

Jodi said...

Thanks for posting about my giveaway through VS! Love your blog! And good luck!