Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Giveaways!

So for a moment there I forgot what day it was... "Hmm going to post, but what day is it... Tuesday? Monday? is it still Monday?" Yes Cassie it is still Monday. But it is the start of holy week, so that is good.

Now that we know what day it is, I will tell you about some giveaways I have found today (will be updating this throughout the day if I get a chance).

Cross Stitch and Cupcakes is giving away a few different things that are all supplies for cross stitching or other needle type things. All of these things are part of her blogiversary post. :)

One More Quilt is having a giveaway for her one year anniversary. She is giving away lots of things actually... fabric, dvds, patterns, and some other stuff. Crazy.

KoolBeenz is doing a fabric bundle giveaway! Lots of ways to get entries, go visit!

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