Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feeling Whiny today!

Today my head hurts, and I feel achy all over. I don't know if it's just I slept badly maybe... or something. :( Oh and I am sooo sleepy, I feel a nap coming soon... very soon. As I write this post my eyes are closing, they are ready for some shut eye times. The other day I took a nap and it was soo hard to wake up after my two hour nap.

So last week was the 4 month anniversary of our loss... anniversary seems too celebratory for it, but I don't know what else would work... memorial? Some days I really can't believe it's been that long, and others it seems like just yesterday. We are now less than 3 weeks from when we had been due, May 3rd, 2011. Instead of feeling like a blimp like I would have been if I was still pregnant, I am losing weight and so is Paul, we are looking towards the future, knowing that we will do all that we can do to get pregnant soon. The other day we watched a Star Trek Deep Space 9 episode where someone was having morning sickness. Paul nudged me and said "We are going to make you sick soon." *smile* such a sweet way of saying things. Soon I will be physically miserable but emotionally elated and sooo happy.

Right now I just want to be past the next few hurdles... a few months down the road would be good. Although we do keep ourselves fairly busy these days, we see our good friends Nathan and Katie at least once a week if we can manage it. And we see my mother in law and her husband once a week when they are in town. At the end of this month a friend and his girlfriend are coming up for a day or two to visit. Soon our friends down in seminary will be finding out where they are being called, and we will know if they will be close enough to visit often or not. I hope they are. I am also kind of looking for a job, I think being busy might be a good thing... but we will see what I end up doing.

Quilting has kept me busy as well. Last night I worked on Paul's quilt... I think I need to just make it a goal to do a set of circles a night until I get it done, otherwise it will hang over my head... I just want to get it quilted and bound and on our bed! I have some mini projects I am working on... the flowers that I have been posting as well as a few swaps that I decided to do. One is a mug rug swap, I am pretty sure I have decided exactly what I am doing for that one... a paper piecing method that uses an Iris folding pattern. I am hoping it will give me the desired effect, I think it will end up looking like a blue flower, or so I hope it does. And then I want to do some green leaves and a bright cheerful yellow background. I will post pictures once I have it done.

I guess I should go back to getting stuff done... or trying to. Laundry is behind, dishes need to be done, trash -needs- to be taken out, and I need to make some phone calls and send some emails. The to do list never seems to get smaller... ever. :( Oh well. I did get taxes done yesterday so that can be removed from my "to do" wall! :) exciting.

Have a great day! and hopefully you each have some good weather to enjoy!

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Thomas and Kara said...

I love what your husband said about making you sick. My husband makes comments like that all the time and to somebody looking in, it would be so odd. To women like us, who long to be pregnant, it is incredibly sweet!