Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mug shots of my first Mug Rug! (and other stuff)

Ok so as you guys have read already... I joined in a mug rug swap. A mug rug is a nice little place where you can keep a mug of a hot drink with your little snacky foods next to it on the same mug. So larger than a coaster and smaller than a placemat... got it? :) If you would like to participate in the next swap then please click on the link in my sidebar to the right, it will say Mug Rug Swap v.2. I would love to see what other people that I know would do. :)

So here are some shots I took of my mug rug... wasn't sure what the best shot was (these are only a few of the many I took, others were eliminated because of blurryness).

Two shots of the front...

Two shots of the back, different background... I like the blue best it makes everything else... pop! :)

Close up of my handquilting and piecing. I used 42 different blue fabrics for the middle and 6 greenish blue fabric for the "leaves" of the flower.

And no quilty project is complete without the obligatory picture with the cat. He just has to be in everything that I do.

Close up of the signature on the back.
Now this is a totally different project, this is the hexagon I made for my Hexie swap I am doing with the IFQ group online. I did two versions of this one, one with machine stitching along the outside... not giving that one away... it didn't turn out how I wanted, and then this one I did by hand. I like it better in person but then again when do pictures really say as much as seeing something in person? NEVER! :)

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of my recent quilting adventures. I have some other mug rugs I am making, they are just simple 3x3 squares and some 3x4 rectangles. I will take a picture of them someday soon once I get the binding on them.


SewHappyGeek said...

Oh crap, i forgot to sign mine!
42 fabrics? Wow, you are either a scrap genius or completely nuts, lol! I like the hexie, might have to check all that out! Cheers!

Sandra said...

Nice job on your hexagon mug rug! I especially like the way you quilted it.

Cassie said...

Thanks Sandra!

Sally said...

This mug rug is beautiful! Your kitty is adorable, too!