Saturday, August 25, 2007

Apartments... mmm fun

So... we are looking to move and today we saw 5 apartments.

The first two made our hopes kind of drop, and we also dropped our expectations a little...

Positives about the first one.... Dishwasher, gas stovetop, neat architecture, park of happiness right across the way, with the lake on the otherside of the park, two doors to get into the apartment... I know weird, also a neat little linen closet built into the wall.
Negatives about the first one... itty bitty bedroom.... I think our bed would have fit but we may have had to put our dresser in the living room... I can't quite remember.
The Second one... had no real positives... it did have a gas stovetop, but that was small.... it did have the park as well, and two doors to get into the apartment.

Third place we saw... we loved! Only downfall is that it is a bit more than we want to pay per month, but it is nice, and it feels safe and secure. When you enter the complex like thing, you feel like they could be apartments, or they could be houses, at first you are confused. Then you get to the leasing office and find out it is all part of one big community. This was our favorite so far, and I thought we would end up living here... but in the process of writing this blog entry I decided to do a search and try to link the apartment to you guys... well I found instead a page full of criticism on this apartment place, which makes me kind of hesitate now... so you can look them up too... South Towne Apartments in South Milwaukee. (they do offer a free month's of rent, and a nice kitchen that has a lot of counter space, Walk in closets). Hmm we may not listen to these other peoples opinions. Try it out for a year or something... Have you guys heard anything about it?

So that brings me to the fourth place that we saw, it had everything going for it that the other place does... cept the other place gives away a month free of rent... moo choices. Anyways, it was very nice. Apparently it has a lot of older tenants, not a lot of children, which would be nice, means it will be quiet hopefully. But we would have to pay close to like 1500 the first month.... we will see.

The last place we saw... it was weird. I lived in this apartment in VA that had the same exact layout of the one we saw today. I felt as if I was in the twilight zone. The rooms were almost the same size... the kitchen was bigger and shaped differently, but that's it. Closet in the same locations, bathroom looked the same. Bad things about it though was that it was in a really bad location. It was kind of run down and stupid though. And Dirty.

After that, we still had like two hours left so we went bowling, then I had dinner at the park by the lake with Paul reading a book. It was a very enjoyable day, but it was kind of stressful considering I woke up at 4:45 to begin working. Moo indeedly. I will wake up even earlier tomorrow... *sigh*.

ONE good thing is that my weekend working rotation is getting moved to once every 6 weeks... woot! :)

Alright enough of this now, I am going to bed soon. I am in one of those moods to just keep typing and typing and you guys will get bored.

If you have any reccomendations for apartments in South Milwaukee, let me know.

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