Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Well I did say I would tryyyy to update this, so here it goes. :)

This weekend was fun, Paul and I went to see our friends in Indiana... I know, why do I have friends in Indiana... well because they moved there to become pastors, so now... Indiana visits. It is almost as bad as living in Wisconsin.... actually I think Indiana might be worse. The good things about the place is that it costs less to live there, but they also pay you less... so *shrug* it could be worse.

We learned how to play a new card game called Three Dragon Ante, Paul and I really like this game but too bad the people who would play it with us are in another state! Moo. It was fun anyhow, we ate food with everyone, and just hung out and watched Seinfeld. Also, Paul and I learned how to DDR a bit (Dance Dance Revolution) it is an interesting game.

I met Samson, Katie and Nathan's kitty... cutest little thing and boy is he little. It was weird getting back home to my gigantic cat Foo. I thought he was small before but now I know that he isn't. I am no longer disillusioned about my cat.

Well have to go off to work, and get ready for it and what not, so later guys. Hopefully we will get to see everyone within the year, but you never know, things happen. :)


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