Monday, December 31, 2007

Well hai!

I went away for Christmas to Virginia without my husband, I missed him greatly but now we are back together... after 9 long days of being seperated.

2 days after I got back we had a 4 day weekend together, and decided to spend it in Indiana with Nathan and Katie, and some of that time with Jeff.

We came back on my birthday with me being sick. Started getting sick again (I was sick over Christmas at mom and dad's).

Today, a day later, I am still sick, been taking medicine today, it is drying out my head, but not stopping the sneezing... ick. OH well.

I apologize in advance for anyone who gets sick now from after my visit... I tried not to get people sick... moo.


I am going to bed now I think... wait... it is 9:48... I totally thought it was 12:00 already... dork I am. Moo.

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