Sunday, January 6, 2008

I love having to wait in a Queue of 500 people in order to play World of Warcraft... moo. 18 minutes!

They just offered free transfers for people on my server and like 3 others to go over to this other lower population server... I thought about it and while it sounds like fun, the one thing I love about wow are the people I have met in the game. Also we just kind of got a few of our real life friends into it and I would hate to say... "guys let's go over here to this other place with less people" Though perhaps they would be up for that... *ponders*

It was a lot of fun today, I got on and saw that they were on and was like "Woot!" so I went and found their characters... I have a Hunter and can kind of track things like animals, or other things humans... whatever I basically need to track. So I went searching for them and found them! Then I was able to help them through one of the lower level instances, but that experience of going through there and owning is the best. Paul helped me too with his mage that can just kind of make things explode on themselves... he's so good. It was a lot of fun. I would hate for people to stop playing wow because of frustration or anything so I want to make it fun for them.

Hopefully the population on the server we are on goes down and we can get into the game. :)


Elizabeth said...

Wow...that was a long post about a video game.

Haha. I guess I'll just never understand. :-)

Roxie said...

I do not understand it either. Is is kinda like a virtual Alice in Wonderland?
Love you

Birdo said...

:) Kind of I guess... but not really.
Love you too Mom.