Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Vigil tonight

I keep learning new things every time I go to church. Tonight we had Easter Vigil, and Pastor read a few different stories from the bible, that all somehow one way or another represented Christ and his death for us. Now pre-tonight I didn't even connect these stores to Christ, I had always in the past taken them as individual stories. Actually I should say that it wasn't tonight, but about a year and 4 months ago we started going to class at Peace with Pastor Bender, and it was then that I started seeing the word of God differently. But tonight the stories that were read were different than I had originally thought of them.
It's so weird how so often I read the word of God and just feel this understanding dawn on me. It's like the first time you feel water, or eat ice cream after going without for awhile, or anything new and exciting. It gets you thinking, and often surprises you.

*** Wrote this awhile ago, but never posted... so now I am posting it. :)

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