Monday, April 21, 2008

Perhaps it's time for an Update...

I think I may have mentioned that my sister had her baby... Lukas Alexander... and he is such a cutie. Oh and I get to see him on June 5th... through June 11th. :) I sent a card to my sister today just to warn her that I might need to hold him the whole time I am there. She has been getting kind of mad about people holding him when she hasn't for like an hour or so.

Let's see... Paul and I talked of going somewhere for our three year anniversary (May 23rd) but I don't know. It may end up being somewhere local... I kind of want to go to Minnesota Twin Cities area, see the mall and what not. But we might go somewhere closer, Madison or Chicago. Take a day off and make it a 4 day fun time.

I have joined a few Meetups recently... well more than a few.
I joined a Jane Austen Book Club (first meeting is on May 6th), and a Le Femme Book Club (Only women). Le Femme meets this Thursday and we are going to talk about Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, I am almost done with the book. It is good, definitely different. So far I am not sure what/if the women has really any religious views. Currently she doesn't, she kind of has described God as a being, that is. *shrug* I don't really know what she is talking about. Perhaps by the end of the book she becomes Lutheran. That would be a neat twist.
Tomorrow night I have a Spades meetup, I have mentioned them in the past posts. It is a lot of fun. The people I meet there are really nice, though some are weird... but that's only cause they have gotten used to playing spades online and not with people.
Oh and I joined this one that is called Bold and Beautiful, and supposedly it is for women who want to figure out things in their lives. I think a group of women together all trying to figure things out might be a good place to be. We will see.
There are a few movie meetups that I joined and have yet to go to the meetings.

Both Paul and I are enjoying our jobs. It is nice to ride the bus together and then to meet up on the streets of downtown Milwaukee in the early evening to ride the bus home together. He often says it's his favorite time of the day. I would have to say I agree. Sometimes I am a workaholic and I end up not leaving work in time to meet on the streets, but end up meeting in the Lobby of my building. :)

Paul has said recently that by the time I am 30 he wants us to have kids... woot 3.5 more years. :) We have a few goals before children come into the picture... one being to pay off every student loan or credit card debt. We have paid off the credit cards, now we just need to pay off the student loans. I am hoping if we live like we are making no money and save it all up then we can have the loans paid off by the end of the year.

We went to dinner Saturday night and decided we should name our future kid Charles aka Chucky "Two Step" Driver. LOL And we have to have the quotes... otherwise it wouldn't work. I can't wait to have this kid... Kind of like the name Bobby Apple Driver. Or... Jubal Early Driver. Ahh baby names that will never really be used, gotta love them.

Oh... movie to watch, add it to your netflix. "Dan in Real Life" This was a cute movie with Steve Carell in it. He plays a so convincingly good Daddy of three young girls/ladies. :)

That's all for now... I think. Bye.


Laura said...

I didn't know you were a blogger! Now I have to add you to my list. It is nice to get to know you better! :)


Rachel said...

You will, of course, have pictures of your adorable nephew? I'm in baby-withdrawal, and all my friends who are having babies aren't due for MONTHS yet... le sigh.

Your post reminds me that I want to see the movie The Jane Austen Book Club. Jane is wonderful, and it's been almost a year since I've read P&P. This is tragic. :-D

Cassie said...

Yes Laura it will be nice. I was very pleasantly surprised to find you had a blog. I have been reading Susan's for awhile and never noticed or thought of who her links could be going to.

Rachel! I want to see that movie as well, I am really looking forward to seeing how this book club works out. I will post pictures of the nephew... and yes baby withdrawel is very hard to deal with.