Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Learn something new everyday...

So I am going to try to learn something new everyday, even if it is just one thing.

Today I totally knew what I was going to write about and then like... forgot by the time work was over. *sigh*

Anyways, I did learn today that I may have hidden desires to be a Postal Worker. I am going to apply for the job and see what happens. My friend Brandy at work is trying to discourage this... I think mostly she likes having me around. But she did say there were sometimes problems with pets attacking you... and what not. And Kathy at work seems to think I might have a problem with chatting to all the customers. Which might be the case, but imagine how many more friends I would have!

I am going to apply tonight online and see how it works. There's some kind of test you have to do and have to get a 70 or above before they ever consider you. Also it said something about driving experience and needing 2 years of documented experience... not sure what that means. Brandy was thinking it was like driving a bus or something. If it is then I might cry because I don't have bus driving experience or truck driving. Although, I wouldn't mind it... I have thought of being a truck driver. LOL today at lunch with Paul this all came up... I said something about how I could be a bus driver... Paul said "No, you couldn't be that, but you could be a truck driver." hehe, I so love Paul so much, he surprises me with little things like this that just make me lol so much.

I sent a card to my sister today, to say "Congratulations you have a baby!" She was upset that I hadn't sent one yet... I was like... "But I talk to you all the time, why do I need to send you a card." Her response was "Lukas will look at these one day and wonder why his aunt didn't send him a card." I want to be like... "But what about all the other wonderful Auntie gifts I will have given him... like the toy cars, trucks and trains... and the blanket I am thinking of making him." Oh well... that's my sister for me. I do wish she was closer *sigh* I am not sure if Kentucky (where she is moving in July) is closer than Virginia... blah.

Last night I bought these things called Soft Paws... they are like little fake nails that I can put on my cat. They keep him from tearing up things.

You can go to to learn more. :)
I am hoping this will save our carpet from needing to be replaced when we move out of this apartment.

so that's about it for now... Did I mention that I am going to VA June 5th? Perhaps I did. Not sure. :)

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