Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tonight was fun

I had my first book club meeting... it was the book clubs official 3rd meeting, but most of us that came tonight were first timers.
I met a lot of really cool people, and really cannot wait until the next meeting on May 29th... that seems like such a long time from now. We are reading The Kite Runner next.
We ate at this place called County Claire, it is a Irish place. And at 10 they start playing live music.

I learned something about myself tonight... I really do love meeting new people, and really love getting to hang out with them. Also that women when joining meetups usually love meeting people as well so it is a very enjoyable occasion. You know how you meet people at work or what not and sometimes there's clashing of personalities... well not so much here. I do have to say there is one girl... but eh I don't really know her that well and will just need to get to know her better I am sure.

So... next week I have no meetups, but the week after I have like 2 on one night and I think I might only be able to make it to one of those... *cry* We will see though.

Night! Time for bed.


Rachel said...

No matter what my sister has said, I am actually terrified of meeting new people.

You have my admiration for your ability to just go DO that. I'm impressed!

Cassie said...

Thanks, it scares me too. There's always this small moment where I want to just not go... and to call in sick or something. But I know it is good for me to go, good for me to make new friends.

I can't wait till our next meeting.

It is always worth it.