Saturday, April 26, 2008


We put them on Foo, and now he has spent a good half hour trying to get them off. He managed to get 4 of them off. So later today we are going to put them on him again. :) it will be great. It wasn't as easy as people said it was on the website... but most people have cats that don't hate you touching their paws. Foo like goes crazy whenever we try. I am watching him at this moment, an hour later chew on his nails... *sigh* Ok he chew off another one. blarg. It takes time they say for them to get used to the additional bits of things on their paws.

I am making lunch now... good ol' mac and cheese. :) I think I should come up with some kind of theme for each night... Mexican night, Italian Night, American Night... something. So that we get a good variety of foods. *ponders* I will have to work on that.

We are going to church tonight instead of tomorrow... I wish we didn't have jobs that had us working weird hours and needing to go on Saturday night. I really like Bible study and don't like missing it.

I went to the Rummage Sale today at church. Found some Scotch glasses... :) the high ball glasses. Paul can use them for his drinking of scotch.

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