Sunday, April 27, 2008

You may get tired of me...

talking about Softpaws.

Today we replaced the ones that he chewed off yesterday. Ended up being 6 out of the 10 that needed to be replaced. *sigh* Oh well. Today we are doing a lot better, he has only removed 2 of them so far. I am so proud of him. They do say that it takes awhile for the cats to get used to them. He was still scratching the carpet today but I think I figured it out... I moved the carpet that was there in front of the door and now he isn't scratching at all. That could be also because it is nap time for him. Not really sure. He is so cute when he sleeps.

You know how babies sleep and you can touch their hands and feet, they don't kick you or bite you when they realize what you are doing. But my cat does. *sigh* He looks so happy and for an instant he doesn't mind you touching his feet, then it's like... crazy cat just was born and you are hurt.

I worked today, got up at 5 and worked till 3... meh 10 hours on a Sunday is ridiculous. Sometimes I wonder about my job and if it's worth it. Is any job really worth it. Yeah money is good, but in the long run... what really matters? God, Family and Friends. If you don't have time for those three things, then what do you do!?!? Change priorities or something. I hate when I find myself getting caught up in stuff, and getting upset about things that are not involving one of the above mentioned. It just isn't worth it sometimes.

We had nachos for dinner by the way, they were so yummy. They are a lot better when you make them yourself. At the US Bank building they have a cafeteria thing and they serve nachos at one of the counters, and by the time you sit down all your nachos are soggy. Ick.

Later aligators.

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