Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hacked! Moo!

Ok so another whole post about World of Warcraft.

There is this thing called hacking... you know someone (who is mean and inconsiderate) goes and figures out your login, password, and whatever else they may need. Then they log on to your program or email (doesn't have to be WoW) and they reek havoc.

Paul was a victim to this last night at around 1 in the morning (we were sleeping, not playing WoW) but someone decided they wanted to play on Paul's account. They logged in, sold all his stuff, gear, equipment and so forth and then sent the gold off to a character of theirs or a friend, we aren't sure, we just know he has no gold. Then to top it off, he got banned from playing the game for 3 days by Blizzard (the people who own the game). I just don't understand why people do these things, what is the joy of providing hardship for another person? Why would you do that!?!?

*sigh* So now Paul plays DDR... lol on his computer with his keypad (finger DDR). The music is fun and peppy.

So if you have been thinking to yourself "I wish I could talk to Paul more, but he is probably raiding/playing wow and won't be able to talk." Well he isn't playing wow, he is quite free to talk... though he may not want to. But this would be the perfect time to call him...

OH on a non-wow subject, I got a free Ham today at Pick 'n Save... they had this program of "Spend $50 and get a point, and then once you reach 5 points you get a free 9 lb or less Ham. If you save them and get 10 points, you get the ham and a Turkey(I think). If you save up to 15 points you get ham, turkey, and roast." So I got the ham. :) Now to cook it... lol I don't know how to cook a ham... I will have to look it up. I am not a meat cooking person... I have trouble with steak. The one meat I have no problems with is ground beef. Yay for that.

Time to go now... gotta read.

(One more thing) I am learning how to quilt, bought a book and have started my first quilt ever so if anyone has any pointers and knows how to quilt... it would be great to talk to you. :)


jim said...

Did he use his username as his character name? He most likely has a keylogger recording his every key stroke. Usually this comes from downloading cheats and macros.

Another WOW account hacked

Cassie said...

Well he doesn't use his username as a character name. He had a secure password. His computer doesn't have any spyware running that he can detect (he's a software developer by profession, so I think he's smart enough to figure that kind of thing out...) No key logger things...
It is a mystery. We are hoping that everything just gets restored, he has changed his password.

Susan said...

About the ham -- the easiest way I've found to cook a ham for those who are clueless is to put it in a pot with tall sides, pour a can of 7-Up in the pot, cover it (with a lid or foil) and bake it in the oven till it's done. Probably not the best way. Definitely not the healthist way. But tasty and easy and pretty much foolproof.

Cassie said...

Hmm I may try that out Susan. :)