Friday, May 16, 2008

Waiting for my husband... la de da de la

So... update of sorts.

Paul is no longer banned from his World of Warcraft accounts... we still don't know if he gets back all his gear. Some of you may wonder how big of a deal it is to lose gear... but when you spend hours and I mean HOURS playing a game and getting stuff in it. OK I really should say DAYS, MONTHS, YEARS! We have both spent a lot of time playing this game and for someone to just come in and just take it... blah.

We were talking before going to sleep the other night about how it makes you feel. I really do feel like someone came into our house that night, and took our stuff. You think when you have a password and login that everything will be secure, you think that people just wouldn't do this to others. But you are wrong, people steal, lie, cheat... and many other things... why do they do it?! Well then I have to ask myself, why do I lie, cheat, steal... well not steal in the sense most people think... basically, why do I sin? Well because I am a poor miserable sinner. OH this goes back to bible study Wednesday night, I just need to forgive whoever did this. Of course that doesn't mean we go back to the same old passwords or anything, we will of course both be changing passwords and making sure we scan our computers for virus's or Keyloggers frequently.

So no more talking about this person, we will just hope that Paul gets his gear back, we don't really care about the gold (though that will take awhile to get back) but his gear is a hard one to replace, we have been raiding for over a year now. That means for over a year now Sunday night through Thursday night we have played at 4 hours each night learning new fights and getting new gear over and over again. I have been doing it a lot less because I stopped raiding, but still all that work.

Alright... I am going to stop now. On to other things.
Paul went out tonight after work, I haven't seen him since 9 am this morning, it is reaching midnight! I miss him. He went to this Lisp programmers meeting thing. I tried calling his cell phone about half an hour ago but he didn't pick up and hasn't called me back. *worries*

So today I didn't work, instead I cleaned and read and cleaned and read. This was a much needed cleaning though, I tend to put things off and by the time i realize how long I have put it off it has already been weeks since I should have done it the first time. So today I cleaned the bathroom (everything!), vacuumed, did the dishes (not quite all of them, only like 5 things in the sink), took out all the trash, and I did the laundry. Most of you are probably thinking... "That's not a lot to do, I don't know why she complains or lists them off like that's a huge accomplishment, I do that every day before noon." Well for me it is huge! I never was one for cleaning while growing up, and I get stuck in books too often when I should be doing stuff productive. Or I get online and look around at stuff, just to look, random searches, clicking on the same links over and over again. I just need to do these things more often. Every night I should have at least done one load of laundry if it needs to be done, and washed all the dishes in the sink. Instead of waiting until all the dishes in the house are dirty and all the clothes in the house are dirty as well. I try to get better... I blame work, and blame tiredness, but never seem to blame myself when that's where all the blame lies.

Alright enough of this beating myself up thing. Where is Paul!?!?! I guess I could go back to reading the Wheel of Times series... I am on book 7 :) Crown of Swords. It is good and not easy to put down at night.


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Lukey's Mommy said...

Woah.... you're gonna need to get better at that kind of cleaning (minimalist) if you want to be a stay at home mom!

And you know how I feel about that WOW crap... oh boy....