Friday, July 25, 2008


I am going swimming this morning :). I believe the pool opens at 10am... and I want to get there before all the kids do with their parents. I wish I had my own private pool... how nice that would be, swim all day long. *blissful sigh*

Paul is home working today since I was off he stayed home to be around and to not have to deal with the commute. He transformed our desk to be a "Paul working area". We were able to acquire some chairs yesterday from Paul's work, and they are nice. The office he works in has this pile of stuff in the corner that they needed to throw away, about 5 or 6 office chairs and other office things. Well since his company was recently bought by another company, they had to ask the buying company if they could throw out this stuff, since it technically was newly bought stuff and you don't just throw out someone else's belongings. After Paul has been asking his boss for 6 months, he finally got the go ahead to take two chairs. We got really nice ones that match each other, which is awesome. I will take pictures later and post them.

Ok going to go swim for an hour or so. I love the water! :)



John said...

"I am going swimming this morning :"

I am so jealous. I wish I had a pool nearby. Country living sure isn't easy.

Cassie said...

One of the plus's to living in an apartment. There are downsides though, the kids, and other people. It isn't private so you have to share the pool.