Thursday, July 31, 2008

I love swimming but...

do not love the little kids in the pool running around and screaming.

I got 20 minutes of pool time before I went... "I'm done with this."

Paul says I should go in half an hour when the kids are tired and gone, I think I might stay in and just go on a walk in the morning. I did get some exercise today, I woke up and did my workout video which was a good half hour of exercise. I haven't done that one in like two years. I really need to get into a healthy swing of things.

Tonight I made fajitas, well "Cassie style Fajitas" which basically was Chicken Fajita strips with diced tomato, green pepper, and onion with a flour tortilla and some salsa on the side. It was good. I have found that I really like this Roundy's precooked Chicken Fajita Strips, they are frozen and I can pop them in the microwave, put them in some pitas and poof you have lunch. :) It's nice. They didn't have them at my Pick n save that I go to, so today while at work I called them up and was like "hi, can you guys carry this product?" and the manager was like "Sure they will be in the store by Sunday" it was awesome! I gave him the UPC and they are totally going to order it now. I guess I could have gone to a different Pick 'n Save, but then it wouldn't be as convenient. Although I do live in the metro Milwaukee area and there are like tons of them all within half an hour driving distance... but eh, you get used to things and don't want to have to drive. There are like... 5 that I can think of all within a 10 minute driving distance. But I like the one that is a 3 minute drive... even if it is old and not as updated as the other ones, it is close!

Um other awesome things that happened today are... I talked to my sister today. :) They are still trying to find a place in Kentucky. Apparently the paper comes out today so they were going to check the listings for homes for rent. I have never lived in a place where you get the paper once a week. I have a feeling that Paul and I will live in a place like that eventually... I don't know about that. Actually I probably did live in a place like that in VA, when we were little we lived in a little town called Berryville, it was cute and small, and about a 25 minute drive from the big town Winchester. I think they might get the paper once a week, but then again I really don't remember/know.

A picture of Downtown Berryville.

A picture of skyline drive, we used to vacation around here.

I also talked to my mom today! They were on vacation and last night mom found an area on her arm that was really red about 3 inches wide in a circle. They came back home last night or this morning and went to the doctors, luckily it was just a spider bite and it has now gone away. But how scary is that, the whole not knowing part of it.

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