Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2 mile walk!

Woohoo, did a 2 mile walk today, at the rate of 3 miles an hour. Apparently I should be going faster... perhaps this is why videos of walking are so much easier cause they have a whole beat to walk to, it's like... go go go! Where when you are walking on your own like I do... you get so distracted with things and people. You wave to the police officers, say howdy to the people walking past you, smile at the babies in strollers... and ponder going to football games in the fall. So much to look at and think about, that sometimes I find myself slowing down.

Anyways, I believe today is the day my sister and her husband painted their new trailer. Woot! I got a pic today of the little one, he is really growing. Can't wait till the next time I see them. I look forward to one day seeing their place, and getting to hang out with them.

My dad found out he has shingles... which sucks. The doctor gave him meds so hopefully the oozing and puss will stop and go away by Friday. He thought it might have been poison so he went in right away, cause that tends to flair up on him pretty bad. What a surprise though, thinking you have poison and finding out that you have shingles instead. Poor papa.

And... there's a queue for wow... *cry* So I have decided to go to bed. :) Goodnight everyone, sleeping time has come.

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