Friday, August 15, 2008

Last weekend...

at this time last Friday I was on my way to Kentucky. I couldn't write anything about it because it was going to be a surprise for my dad and my sister :). Well it worked, they were both surprised. At about 9:30 am I arrived at my sisters new home, and walked up their path, her husband came out to check to see who had just pulled into their driveway, his look on his face was awesome! When I walked in my sister was asking her husband who it was, so I said "Surprise!", she started crying and was so happy to see me. :) I love it when surprises work out like that. It was great seeing them, and I got to hold my nephew a lot, which was wonderful. The next one that got surprised was my sisters mother in law, she came into the trailer and I just kind of casually walked out of the bedroom. hehe, I love surprising people. Getting dad was awesome too, my sister kept saying to dad, "Don't you want to go wash your hands so you can hold the baby?" and finally he was like "I guess I could use the restroom." He walked in and was about to close the door with me still in there. Finally he turned around and saw me, I thought he was about to cry. He didn't know what to do, his smile was so big! :) I might be able to post pictures later, we will see.

It was an awesome weekend though, I was there from Friday through Monday, and got back home by 11:00pm. Paul did not come with me, so that meant he was homebound, luckily if he has his computer then he is pretty much entertained for days. I look forward to our next trip out there, which hopefully is in either October or November. I would like to see Grandma, but it might work best for me to be taking off around Thanksgiving, but who knows, there's a lady in the office who always takes off at certain times of the year, so pretty much those are off limits for the other 3 of us who do the same thing she does. We will see though.

This weekend we have friends coming up from Chicago, they will be staying for a few days. We are going to try to do things with them other than playing WoW :)

Then on Tuesday, Paul and I leave at 5:00am on a flight to Washington state and will not be returning until August 26th. We are really excited, only problem is that as we get closer to the date, Paul gets more and more annoying.... he has this problem with annoying me when he is excited about stuff, or if he is bored (especially on car rides). In Washington we will be seeing Paul's sisters, his grandparents, his mom and her husband, and probably his uncle and aunt. It will be fun. I have never been out there with his mom before, every previous trip (2 of them) have been with just Paul as a guide. One of the highlights is that we will get to see our little nephew Donovan :) he is 2 months old, so he will still be itty bitty.

With two of our good friends pregnant down in Indiana, I am looking forward to going to some baby showers in the next few months. :) I wish I hadn't missed my sisters or my sister in laws, but they really were too far to travel to on my own.

I am still quilting, kind of anyways, the whole cutting out the blocks takes a lot of time, and is probably my least favorite part of quilting. I have this design I am doing that calls for this special paper that you iron onto the fabric... and I don't have that so I will have to figure out how I am going to do this design without that stuff. I am excited.

Also still losing weight and eating healthy. I have lost 15.5 pounds in my first month of trying to lose it. I know that will slow down, it already has to about 2 pounds a week, I expect to hit stand stills but I am hoping that it will continue. I did walk 2 miles yesterday in 30 minutes which is where I should be with my walks... I should say I kind of walked it and jogged some of it (not a lot), I think that added more heart racing moments, which is very very good.

Ok it is time to go get ready for work (6:55 am), we leave in an hour. The cat is licking my ear and my nose... :) I love it when he does that, it's kind of weird but it is love from the cat.

Talk to you guys later.


Susan said...

>I have lost 15.5 pounds
>I expect to hit stand stills

Wow! Congratulations. But when you hit those standstills, remember that the important part is that you're eating better and feeling better, even when the scale doesn't do what you want it to do.

About that one baby shower. I'm hoping we'll be leaving on Friday morning (because of my desperate desire to avoid Chicago weekend traffic). Do you think that would work for you to go with us, or would that involve a day off work? Hmm.

Cassie said...

I think that would work, driving together. We could both ask off from work. Also, I was wondering when you guys were coming back. But yes we would love to work that out with you. :)

Susan said...

> wondering when you guys were coming back.

Early enough to miss the mess that you find in Chicago on a Sunday afternoon or evening. So possibly late Saturday or otherwise immediately after church on Sunday.

Rachel said...

It would be awesome if you could drive with us!!!

Cassie said...

How many of you guys are coming? It would be both Paul and I wanting to come. We were also thinking about sleeping arrangements, Jeff has said we could spend the night at their place, but we didn't know how much space would be at Nathan and Katie's... it might be filled with the family. :)

Susan said...

I think it would just be three of us going. Five of us would fit cozily into our car (probably too cozy) and easily into the van. But, yeah, we should check with Katie and Nathan how much company they want descending upon them... LOL

Cassie said...

Ok so three of you guys, and two of us... it would probably be best to be in the van if there's a choice... otherwise that trip would be long.