Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We are in Washington state now, it is misting currently, it was raining earlier. I think if we move out here then I will be taking naps all afternoon, it is so lazy afternoon feeling here.

I wish I didn't have to work currently, I wish we were done paying off our debts and could move and be where we are going to be. I don't like waiting, this whole waiting until years go by... blarg. I need to be more patient. I want to move now, not because I don't like where I am at or anything, but just because I want us to be where we are going to be, and to find a place that we will raise our family at. I want to be a mom, a housewife, a homemaker... one day.

Ok so not going to talk about my wish's and wants right now, I could go on forever and not get any closer to that than I am.

I will tell you that visiting with my sister in law and her husband has been very nice. Today we got to see where my brother in law works. His work is in a little church building that no longer is a church, they have their desks all in the main chapel area, it is very nice and airy. He works with Paul's uncle so we were able to see him and go to lunch with everyone. :) I am looking forward to the rest of the week, we are hopefully going to see more relatives. On Friday we go to Portland to see one of our friends from world of warcraft, he recently quit playing the game to concentrate on life and his new fiance, so it will be nice to meet him in person. Hopefully with us one day being in this area we will get to see him more often.

Paul is playing golf on the gamecube, :) and my sister in law is napping right now with the kitties. :) I am reading a book that is making me cry... but it is a good book so far.

Talk to you later in the week.


Laura said...

It's nice hear about your trip...since we never cross path at church anymore! The church picnic is on the 7th...maybe we can catch up then?

Cassie said...

That would be good. We are going to be going to Saturday service the weekend before because I have to work. but most of September we should be going to Sunday service. :) It's been a weird month for us for church services, I look forward to it getting more normal. Katie and Nathan will be here that Sunday too, so that will be good!