Monday, September 29, 2008

Profile Question - The random one...

So the first time I saw this question pop up it has really confused me. Can anyone explain it?

What was the stage name of your favorite actress before she was born?

What does that mean? Before she was born? Before she became a famous actress? Before she changed her name cause her birth name was not good enough to be in credits? I read and reread it and I just don't get it. It is upsetting really. I want to understand and I want to answer it if I can, but how do I do it?! Does anyone know?!

Anyways other things in life... so on Facebook the other day one of my best friends from when I was a little girl got in contact with me again. I was so happy that I cried. She is the one that I would sleepover at her house all the time, we would play games, we would go swimming, we would tell each other scary stories, and even tell each other about our secret crushes. I have missed her for so long. I hope that we can be friends, that we can pick it up where we left off at in 6th grade. We only knew each other at church, she was the pastor's grandkid, and was only 6 days younger than me. This was when I went to an Assembly of God church... the church now calls themself "Victory Church", I really don't know why that is, they do have a website and what not...
I don't know what my friend is doing now, I do know that she has two kids and is living in North Carolina. I am excited to get to know her again, I hope that we have things in common still.

Well off I go, gotta pick up Paul at the bus stop.

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