Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ick... Dreams

I woke up this morning because I couldn't stand to be dreaming anymore. I had this dream that my parents bought this new house, I was still living at home. So we went to it and lived there, it was almost exactly like my Grandma Dot's house. Dad obsessed about watering all the plants, so I went out to help him. It was fine until we found a snake in the hose. The weird thing is that snake came out chasing me, but then this other snake (that was our friend) came around and like chased the mean one away. Well it was at this point that I started to notice that there were snakes all over the place, they were hiding in the grass. There was really no place to step without stepping on one. I couldn't even get into the house because there were a bunch on the porch (both back and front). So I am yelling at Dad, asking him why he would buy a house with so many snakes, and what was the issue with these things, and why didn't the owner of the house before us tell us about them. I hear mom yell from the house "Cass are you having a hard time with the snakes?" and I am like "Yeah" (duh, to myself) and she yells back "Me too!". That's when I realize that this whole time Mom hasn't left the house at all, I now understand why dad was out there alone watering the plants. I hear mom ask dad "Why do you have to water the plants right now?" and dad responds "That was part of the deal with buying this house, to make sure to take care of the plants outside."

Somehow at this point I force myself to wake up... i realize I am dreaming about snakes everywhere and how scary that is for me... and I am like... OH I guess it's time to wake up.

What a way to wake up!

Good morning everyone!

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