Monday, October 27, 2008

Work - Same. New girl coming in next week. I get to train her. I also am going to be doing different stuff than before, I will be entering in Dairy, Frozen and Liquor parts of the ad instead of the Grocery. My new boss is doing well, she is a bit crazy sometimes and sometimes a bit of a micro manager.

Health - Have come to a stand still in weight loss, but have also not really paid attention to food intake or exercising, need to get back into that. This week both Paul and I are sick, itchy throat, coughing, congestion, it's lovely.

Furniture - Bought a desk over the weekend from Ikea for Paul. We rearranged the furniture in the apartment to accommodate the new desk. I think it looks great, we moved some furniture into the bedroom because it just didn't work in the living room anymore.

Social - While we were down in Ikea world (near Chicago) we met up with some friends who we knew from playing World of Warcraft. We had a great time, watched the movie Pride and Glory, very well made but also very disturbing. I don't know how much I like to watch movies with bad cops in them, it really isn't what we want to be thinking about. I would much rather watch a love story, or some family type movie that promotes happiness and love and good things. After that we went to Ikea, then to Olive Garden for dinner. It was good times had by all, I love getting together with people. I wish we did it more often.

Babies - My nephew has now gotten his two front teeth in :) He is slowly growing up and becoming a little man. They grow out of that baby phase so quickly that it's sad, but good all at the same time. My other nephew is 4 months behind my sisters baby, but he is starting to grow some teeth as well. The timing is so different from baby to baby, you just never know what they might start doing next. Both nephews are the cutest little boys ever. I would love for my sister to get skype or something and some kind of webcam so I could see the little guy... also it's just fun to chat through webcams with the adults too!

Eyes - This could have gone under health... I am getting new glasses, we went to the optometrist last saturday and are getting our eyes upgraded. :)

Cat - We stopped using softpaws for now, and are trying to just clip our cats nails a lot. He is still clawing at things but hopefully with a spray bottle and time it will stop... (crosses fingers).

I can't think of anything else, so I will say bye for now. Talk to everyone later.