Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Work Update

Work has been pretty hectic for me the last few weeks. We had a girl quit her job on 9/15 and haven't replaced her yet. I am hoping that it happens soon, I do know that they have the person picked and the offer made, we just have to find out when they can start.

So the result we get now is three of us kind of going crazy under the workload of 4. I have asked for help from some of the other girls and that has helped but until we get this other person in, I will still feel behind.

But that's all. Just lots of stress. :( Stress makes me kind of spacey, my head hurts a lot, and I am tired almost all the time.


Roxie said...

I'm sorry. I love you!

Roxie said...

Are things better yet? I'm waiting to hear something good.