Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Am I better?!

No... not yet.

This is not the most awesome of colds, it really is kind of crappy. :(

But... Oh well. I am glad the elections are over though, that's one thing that we don't have to hear about in the news for two or so years. I know I have a lot of friends and family that feel differently, but I am glad Obama won. There were definitely good things and bad about both candidates, and I am excited about what this change might entail. I guess with time we will see. And... 4 years goes by quickly, so if for some reason he doesn't do a good job at it, then we can get a new president. :) (Maybe Ron Paul! :), one can hope)

Anyways, I might to go bed early tonight like I did last night... sleeping for a long time for me is good right now. It helped me last night, gave me a false positive on being better... but still I did feel better. Rest is the one thing that will heal.

Talk to everyone later.

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