Monday, November 10, 2008

Pink? Pink? Pink?

Wow, I didn't think there would be a day... wait I knew there would be a day where I would find someones blog and just go "Ick". I decided to do a random image search in google for Pretty Meals, I am not entirely sure why but anyways, and came up with this one picture that I couldn't really make it out. So... I opened it, and just was grossed out. It wasn't something ugly ugly or horrible really, just it was bad taste. Take all this frilly stuff, and make it pink, and then put all the pink patterns that you can think of together... and don't forget the plate of one pancake and a slice of ham (or that's what I think it was). Underneath it the lady was talking about how much she liked butter... which you could definitely see the pancake was covered in butter. Well stupid me decided to keep on looking, for some reason I thought this was a good idea. So I went looking, and realized this lady loved the color pink. I can kind of understand a little, pink is very pretty, but it can be overdone. My eye is twitching from all the pink. *sigh* I can't even express accurately my dislike for this whole page, I just kept scrolling and scrolling and it got worse. She took a watering can and painted it pink... then there was the left over tin from some random place that she painted pink and added a decal to it, and was like "Yay, it's pink and pretty and just what I wanted."

I just can't stand that kind of over doing it, so many florals, and pink drawers, and chairs with pink floral prints. A love seat covered in a pink cover... another chair with pink foile on it.

If I ever go to that place I will have to leave immediately. I just cannot stand it.

Pink isn't bad in moderation... I bought dish soap the other night 50% off, it was bright pink, and very very interesting and fun to look at. I would get more if there were more to be gotten.


Roxie said...

Just you wait 'til my grand daughters get here.

Cassie said...

yeah then it won't be so bad, I am talking mostly about older people who have icky floral pink stuff.