Monday, December 8, 2008

Last Week

On Wednesday of last week, Paul found out they were closing down his office. The company will keep on 5 people to help close it down, Paul is not one of those people. The rest of the office has until December 31 to work, and then they get 4 months severance pay as long as they worked till the end. So, sometime in mid-January Paul and I will begin looking for a new job for him. We are thinking it will be out in Washington state somewhere, all depends on when we start looking for a job and how easy that is. It is really hard to say what the prospects will be for a computer software guy. Could be really good, or really bad, and perhaps since we are so open to being almost anywhere in Western Washington and western Oregon it won't be too hard I hope.

So anyways, this week has been a little bit weird for us. Not sure if it's because of job related stuff or not, but we keep snapping at each other and are generally being huge cranks. I hope that we can get past this and start being lovely to each other again. It's funny how you tend to be grouchy with the one person who is with you all the time, you would think you would want to have lovely times with them and make the moments nice since there are so many moments. I guess it doesn't happen that way.

Last Monday we got back from a trip to Virginia to see my mom and dad, my sister and her husband and baby. It was a very nice trip, I loved getting to see everyone and hang out with them. My nephew is so much bigger and just such a cutie. He will stand on your lap bouncing around and sing little tunes of "Lar de dar lalala lard" :) It definitely makes you want to keep him forever and ever, Katie wouldn't let me bring him back to Wisconsin :( Oh well, he should be with his parents I suppose. hehe. I always hate leaving Virginia because I love being around my family so much... but there is something to be said about being with your stuff. So if only my stuff was closer to Mom and Dad's stuff :)

I have to go and get ready for work now, but now here is a real update :)


Laura said...

Yikes! It sounds like many big changes are going to be coming for you two. We will miss you...even though our paths have not been crossing much lately. It is easy to snap at your beloved when things are up in the air and a little scary. Marriage, even a good marriage, is like that sometimes. Just keep talking it'll be in my prayers.


Susan said...

Oh, Cassie, I'm so sorry to hear about Paul's job. (And I agree with what Laura said about marriage and the crankiness.)

Roxie said...

We'd like your stuff to be closer to our stuff too. If that's truly your goal you're going the wrong direction! *sigh You should've taken more geography classes.

Cassie said...

Thanks Laura and Susan. Definitely something I have learned in the last 4 years of marriage... crankiness happens :) but there's love afterward.

And I know Mom, perhaps one day you guys can move your stuff closer to mine if we are in Washington... Think of all the green grass all year long that dad could mow :) I think he would love it! Great way to retire. And there's beautiful ocean and mountains. And if Katie and Danny end up in Montana again one day, they wouldn't be too far :) It's a plan!